artefact is the project of an artist, Christine Stonehewer, who lives and paints in the Town of Brome Lake, Quebec. Christine's work, featured in the gallery, explores landscape as something "out there" - the familiar roads, villages and fields of the Townships - and as something interior, a metaphor for emotion and memory. artefact serves as Christine's studio space and as a venue  for her to show and sell her art.​/ Christine Stonehewer est activement impliquéé au sein de la communauté de Lac Brome ou elle habite et peints les paysages incontournable des Cantons de l'Est.  Elle vous offre un accueil chaleureux a artefact ou elle créé ses oeuvres et expose ses toiles tout en offrant les ateliers intensifs au public. 
John Davidson is a ceramicist interested in pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with clay, glaze and fire. His background in sculpture lends him  the ability to see ceramic pieces as pure form. John likes to explore the interplay between his intentions as an artist and the unpredictable results of the raku and smoke -firing processes.
Laure Bonneville is a recent BFA graduate with interests in ceramic and textile art and fashion.  She is the genius behind artefact's textile line, confecting and sewing many of the pillows which are featured at the back of the gallery. 

Peter Clark is a professional photographer, and an expert in sustainable development and design as a partner in blueandyellow Inc.

Trained in photography 1972-1976 by the late Helmut W. Schade, architectural photographer and instructor, Carleton University, winner of lifetime achievement award from Ontario Heritage Trust

First place, Ottawa Visual Arts photography contest, 1976

Exhibition: Magico de Baja December 2008 Loreto Bay, BCS Mexico

Recent works in private collections in Santa Fe, Scottsdale, Los Angeles, Seattle, Toronto and Montreal

Gabrielle Sampson  discovered ceramics as a sculptural form of expression over twenty years ago. Having worked on the wheel and hand building her interests quickly moved from functional to organic forms inspired by natural shapes and textures. Much of her work is stoneware with as little surface treatment as possible. Many of her pieces are smoke fired with the occasional addition of copper carbonate. She divides her time between Montreal and Ireland where she has a studio and has had many exhibitions. Her latest installation "Forbidden Screams", a set of forty nine life sized masks, is on tour in Ireland at the moment.
Robin Bloom: Artist's Statement
Born of artists, I have had a need to create my whole life. The sculptor in me was awoken in 2004 while crying, and  walking through the carnage of a clear cut forest .In the debris I saw a small piece of wood and thought, "There is something beautiful in there." My work has grown from that moment and through my sculptures I transform the ugliness in life into beauty as well as express the beauty that I feel.
Self taught, I work sitting in the grass barefoot where I wrap myself  around  my stones, holding them with my legs, feet and body. Every piece has my blood, sweat, and often my tears.