artefact is the project of an artist, Christine Stonehewer, who lives and paints in the Town of Brome Lake, Quebec. Christine's work, featured in the gallery, explores landscape as something "out there" - the familiar roads, villages and fields of the Townships - and as something interior, a metaphor for emotion and memory. artefact serves as Christine's studio space and as a venue  for her to show and sell her art.
Tom Lozar  is an author, poet, journalist, photographer and jazz vocalist. Having supported the gallery since its inception,he brings his many talents and interests to bear on "The Great Wall of Tom".  Here, he blurs the lines of separation between the arts, creating installations that combine, amongst other things, poetry and photography. Tom also organizes the "Jazz in the Gallery" series. 

Alison Sorbie is an award-winning photographer, architect, scholar and author. Alison brings us her interest in capturing natural forms in unexpected ways - forcing the viewers to re-experience and rethink the  accepted ways of seeing. 
Alicum Bulgaricum by Alison Sorbie
John Davidson is a ceramicist interested in pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with clay, glaze and fire. His background in sculpture lends him  the ability to see ceramic pieces as pure form. John likes to explore the interplay between his intentions as an artist and the unpredictable results of the raku and smoke -firing processes. Don't miss John's Vernisssage, Oct. 12, 2-4pm. 
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